About us

About us

“Our adviser organisation has specialised in Nordic fixed income investment”

JOOL Securities AG offers investment advice about several approaches with an emphasis on Nordic fixed income investments. All of the advisers at JOOL Securities are SwedSec-licensed and adhere to the same regulations as if they had been directly employed by a securities company.

Our adviser organisation consists of specialists in Nordic fixed income investments, regardless of whether they are pure corporate bonds, management of portfolios containing corporate bonds or corporate bond funds.

We consider that a suitable investment must be assessed on the investor’s needs and the prevailing market climate. There must be a balance between risk and return that takes into account the investor’s needs and preferences, regardless of whether it is a short-term investment or more long-term savings.

Our offices

Includes all offices in the JOOL Group’s financial arm

Tom Olander

Best upcoming male entrepreneur,
eastern Sweden

Göran Johansson

Swedish national finalist for the Golden
Gavel award

Our passion is entrepreneurship

We are a family-owned corporate group, rooted in Swedish industrial tradition. Having built companies for decades, our passion is entrepreneurship – both our own and that of others. Based on a foundation of entrepreneurial spirit and common sense, our aim is to build companies that move the needle, reaching a strong market position in their respective market segments.

Our group companies have a global reach and a Nordic focus, and are active within various industries such as paper production, wood product manufacturing and financial services. Our philosophy is to be an active owner with a long term approach, developing businesses through persistance, hard work and total commitment.

We grow, together.

Green bonds


Partner to the Climate Bonds Initiative

JOOL has joined the Climate Bonds Initiative, an organization promoting sustainable investments and conducting green bond certification. Through joining the Climate Bonds Initiative, we can provide small and mid-sized issuers with better access to the green bond market while providing investors with sustainable high yield opportunities.


Green bonds can be verified and issued within a large and growing number of industries, including:

Low carbon buildings

Sustainable forestry and agriculture

Low carbon transport

Solar, wind and other renewables

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