JOOL Securities is a corporate advisory firm with Nordic fixed income focus

JOOL Securities AG

JOOL Securities AG provides advisory and investment services for qualified investors only with focus on Nordic fixed income investments. Our advisory focus is specialized in high yield corporate bonds in various segments and industries. JOOL Securities AG is part of the JOOL Group, a family-owned corporate group rooted in industrial tradition. The Group is also a provider of debt financing for Nordic SME companies and has emerged as market leader within Nordic SEK 30-200 M corporate bonds.

Invest in corporate bonds directly:

8-12% annual interest

Investments with 6-60 month maturities

Asset-backed investments

Our investments are protected by securities, such as pledges and guarantees

Regular payments

Quarterly or semiannual coupons let you build a passive income portfolio

Why Corporate Bonds?

A corporate bond is a loan to a company and at the same time a security that can be traded on the capital market.

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Corporate bonds have several attractive features

  • They always carry a lower risk than shares in a given company and the cash flow is known in advance because the size of the coupon and the price of the bond on maturity are specified in the bond indenture.
  • Pledges and the fact that bonds have priority over shares in a company’s assets are factors that protect the value of the bond.
  • Unlike shares, bonds do not require companies to show growth or win market shares to deliver their return; instead it is enough that the company can repay the bond on maturity.
  • As a bond investor, you become part of the fast-growing green bond market, in which the borrowed capital is earmarked for use in areas such energy efficiency, emission reduction or other climate-related projects.


Group news

CPHI and JOOL welcomed investors to Denmark’s Billund

CPHI and JOOL welcomed investors to Denmark’s Billund

CPHI and JOOL welcomed investors to Denmark’s BillundMar 9, 2023 JOOL issuer CPHI-Holding A/S is a holding company with businesses in airport logistics and airport security. On March 2-3, CPHI and JOOL welcomed investors to Denmark’s Billund for a company presentation...

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We help Nordic companies grow

A selection of previous transactions structured by the JOOL Group


SEK 50m share issue financing for Recap Energy AB.


SEK 90m of preference shares issues financing for PropTech Farm.


DKK 1250m of bond issues
for Gefion Group.


DKK 35m bond issue for CPHI-Holding A/S.


SEK 500m of green bonds and alternative debt for Patriam Invest AB.


SEK 800m of green bond financing and Pre-IPO equity financing
for Advanced SolTech Sweden AB.


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